ISI stands for Inter-Services Intelligence or simply The ISI is an intelligence agency of Pakistan that deals with the issues or concerns related to national security all around the world. Pakistan ISI agency has aims to collect, process, and analyze the information which is of significant importance for national security.

Inter-Services Intelligence Pakistan is considered to be one of the finest intelligence agencies in the whole world. From time to time, ISI has proved its worth to the world through its services. It has been a major tool in eradicating terrorism from Pakistan, which had damaged the nation to its core.

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ISI not only includes officers from all the armed forces of Pakistan but also civilians as well. It first gained international recognition in the 1980s during the Soviet Union wars. It has its headquarters in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Inter-Services Intelligence ISI Pakistan


Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) came into existence after the First Kashmir War I’m 1948. It was the result of a lack of communication and information gathering among several armed forces like the Navy, air force, army, Intelligence Bureau (IB), and Military Intelligence (MI). ISI was designed to be operated by officers of the armed forces. At first, Colonel Shahid Hamid was given the task to set ISI.

                        Initially, ISI had no role in collecting and analyzing information but Pakistan Naval Commander Syed Mohammad Ahsan played a key role in establishing ISI’s working methods.

After Chief of Army Staff General Zia-ul-Haq took control of the government in 1977, he appointed ISI to collect information about Pakistan Communist Party and Pakistan Peoples Party.

                        The Soviet Union Wars caused a major upgrade in ISI as this agency helped Afghan Mujahideen. Since then, it has been a victim of many controversies. India blames ISI for all the terrorist attacks in the major cities of India.

The Indian army also claims that ISI is training and aiding the terrorist organization to terrorize its opponents. But all these allegations haven’t been proved true yet. Even after all the controversies, ISI has been beneficial for Pakistan.

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Inter-Services Intelligence As Organization

A Pakistan Army’s director-general is usually selected as the head of ISI. Three deputy director generals having two stars directly report to the head about ongoing missions and working progress of ISI Pakistan. They usually operate at the following posts to provide their services:

Internal Wing: who is responsible for domestic affairs which means they guide domestic intelligence and counter Intelligence etc.

 External Wing: He is held responsible for external intelligence and external counter Intelligence.

 Foreign Relations Wing: answerable for diplomatic intelligence as well as for foreign relations intelligence.

The general staff of ISI consists of Military Officers and Civilian officers from the Federal Investigation Agency (through FIA Jobs), the Federal Board Of Revenue  (FBR), Pakistan Customs, Police, and judiciary staff.

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ISI Departments

                                   ISI consists of the following departments which perform different duties in different circumstances:

  • Covert Action Division
  • Joint Intelligence X
  • Joint Intelligence Bureau
  • Joint Counterintelligence Bureau
  • Joint Intelligence North
  • Joint Intelligence Miscellaneous
  • Joint Signal Intelligence Bureau
  • Joint Intelligence Technical
  • SS Directorate
  • Political Internal Division

Recruitment and Training of Pakistan Intelligence Agency

                                                                Members of the armed forces as well as civilians can join ISI by going through different procedures. ISI always advertises available vacancies for civilians which are usually handled by Federal Public Services Commission (FPSC).

 FPSC often conducts various tests based on current affairs, English, and other abilities. After clearing the tests they are interviewed by higher officials. 

After the selection, candidates get training at the Defence Services Intelligence Academy (DSIA) for approximately six months. In the next phase, these selected civilians and officers serve for five years. After five years they become eligible to be appointed in sensitive services in ISI.

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Major Operations

ISI Pakistan agency performs different functions like:

  • Collects information
  • Classifies the gathered data
  • It performs many undercover operations
  • Many spies of ISI are active all the time to protect the nation from enemies
  • It helps in sensitive matters
  • Provides aid in warfare etc.

Inter-Services Intelligence performs or fulfills its missions by following methods

  • Diplomatic missions
  • Multinational Co-operations
  • Through Media
  • By collaborating with other agencies
  • By using third country techniques
Operations in Countries

                                    ISI has performed so many operations all around the world. The countries in which it has completed its tasks include Afghanistan, Bosnia, India, Pakistan, China, Libya, Iran, Iraq, France, the Soviet Union, the post-Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc.

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To sum up the discussion, it can be said that ISI Inter-Services Intelligence Agency has proved itself to be one of the most effective intelligence agencies in the world. Many countries, including the USA, admit that it’s the best agency on the face of the earth.

Some criticize it too as they think that it helps terrorists. India comes first in such countries. No matter what someone says about ISI, there is no denying that it has significantly improved the power of the Pakistan Armed Forces to a whole new level.

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