Medical tests in Pak Army, PAF, and Pakistan are almost the same for the selection of commission officers, soldiers, and SSG commandos. Medical tests in Pak army jobs play a very important role in the selection of final candidates.

However, we have mentioned all army’s medical tests requirements for the candidates.

The medical test in the Pakistan Army is an important part of the selection process for candidates who wish to join the army as officers or soldiers. The medical test is conducted to assess the physical and medical fitness of the candidates to ensure they meet the required standards for military service.

The specific details of the medical test in the Pakistan Army may vary based on the position and the level of entry, but generally, the following aspects are evaluated:

  1. A thorough physical examination is conducted to assess overall fitness, height, weight, body measurements, and physical attributes. The candidates may be required to perform basic physical exercises and activities to evaluate their physical capabilities.
  2. Visual acuity and eye health are assessed through various tests, including a visual acuity test, color blindness test, and depth perception test. Candidates must meet the minimum vision requirements set by the Pakistan Army.
  3. Candidates undergo a hearing test to assess their hearing abilities. This may involve an audiometry test to determine hearing sensitivity and the ability to hear different frequencies.
  4. The dental examination evaluates the candidate’s oral health, including the condition of teeth, gums, and overall dental hygiene.
  5. Medical History and General Health: Candidates are required to provide their medical history and undergo a general health examination. This may involve a review of previous illnesses, surgeries, allergies, and any ongoing medical conditions.
  6. Candidates may be required to undergo various laboratory tests, including blood tests, urine tests, and X-rays, to assess their overall health and detect any underlying medical conditions
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Initial Medical Test For Pakistan Army

Read the Pak Army medical test requirements carefully and be positive upon the selection.

  1. At least Height five feet four inch
  2. Weight- depending on BMI(Body Mass Index)table of Pakistan Army. If you find weight according to BMI so you can find easily on the our website and the software  Calculator can tell you the required weight based on your age, height, and Wight according to Army requirement.
  3. Eyesight- Six by Six without sunglasses.
  4. Vision loss candidates not allowed.
  5. No apparent physical defects.
  6. Must be clear all medical Tests.
Pak army medical test
Pak army medical tests requirements

Final Medical Exam(After ISSB Clearances)

  1. All primary medical tests will be required to be revised.
  2. X-Ray of the breasts.
  3. Complete blood test reports.
  4. The civilization of the urine and Pathological test.
  5. An ENT expert will examine you for the examination of the eardrum, nose, and neck.

Medical Test for Pakistan Air Force GDP(Fighter Pilot)

The requirements of GDP(Fighter Pilot) of Pakistan Air Force medical tests undergo the hardest in this regard.

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CMH hospitals are available on that base where PAF soldiers and officers give duty almost three or four working days.

These Pakistan Air force Fitness physical tests are the measures for testing a general duty pilot/fighter pilot (GDP). If you do not belong to a GDP branch, the tests may be less ambitious and smaller in number).

  • Urine and blood tests.
  • Breast X-ray.
  • Doctors who specialize in ENT (ears, nose, and sinus) will exmine you.
  • There is a hearing test in which the patient is given headphones on both ears and instructed to press the button on each panel if they hear a beep in either ear.
  • Physical examination (height, weight, chest measurement).
  • Surgical Exam.
  • ECG.
  • An examination of the heart by a physician.
  • There were many tests of eyes (ranging from checking for color vision loss to a check to see if there is any disease) that were quite distressing and time-absorbing.

Medical Test For Pakistan Navy

Its second medical test will be after the Pak navy physical test. In which the candidates will call for medical fitness tests for Pakistan Navy. In Medical Test, the Drs checks the Ability to see, Breast, and Height perfectly and written down.

The medical test result will also be written down on a slip and given to the candidate as the next test entrance.

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Candidates are necessary to qualify initial medical tests for Pakistan Navy are given below:

  • Weight according by BMI(Body Mass Index) chart
  • Five feet four inch Height
  • Checking of the chest
  • Check the knee knocking
  • Flat foot
  • Major cut on body

Once more Medical officer tests the Candidates and they have the authority to select and reject the candidates. In some cases, they do not produce a conclusion. Then they mention the candidates to a medical hospital for a Detailed test.

Medical Test in Pak Army, PAF, Pakistan Navy jobs 2023

Medical tests in Pak Army, PAF, and Pakistan are almost the same for the selection of commission officers, soldiers, and SSG commandos. Medical tests in Pak army jobs play a very important role in the selection of final candidates.

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