Pakistan Armed Forces are known as the best in their respective fields. These armed forces include Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Airforce. The Armed forces of Pakistan protect the nation with their untiring efforts and with their unmatched bravery and skills. Pakistan has the 6th largest army in the whole world as well as the largest and the strongest army among the Islamic countries. Moreover, Pakistan is the first Islamic country to appoint women candidates at the ranks of officers. The chain of command of the Pakistan Armed Forces is arranged under the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (JCSC) with the respective Chiefs of staffs of the Army, Navy, and Air Force of Pakistan.

As of 2023, Pakistan Armed Forces have 654000 active duty personnels with 550000 reserve personnels. These armed forces personnel are deployed in many countries. In Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Armed Forces have 1180 active duty personnels and in Qatar they have 660 active duty personnels. Pakistan Armed Forces came into being with the independence of Pakistan in 1947. Since then, Pakistan Armed Forces have been exceptional in many conflicts with the exclusion of 1971 war in which we lost a part of Pakistan.

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In 2023, it was reported that Pakistan Armed Forces have 651,800 active duty personnels in all three branches of Pakistan armed forces with an additional 291,000 people serving in Paramilitary forces and 550000 in reserve. Pakistan Armed Forces play a major role in UN peacekeeping missions around the globe because Pakistan has the most trusted army system. To be precise in division of troops, we will discuss the numbers of personnels in each army separately. To begin with, we have Pakistan Army.

Pakistan Army has 560,000 active duty personnels while 550,000 personnels in reserve. Next to Pak Army we have Pakistan Navy which has 54,100 active duty personnels right now with almost 5,000 personnels in reserve. After Pak Navy we have Pakistan Air Force which has round about 70,000 active duty personnels and 8,000 personnels in reserve as well. Paramilitary Forces of Pakistan have 482,000 active duty personnels while their reserve personnels are unknown. SPD Force has approximately 21,000+ active duty personnels and its number of reserve personnels is unknown.

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Rank and Insignia structure

Pakistan Armed Forces rank and insignia structure is based on British Army Ranks structure as Pakistan was part of British India before independence. The Ministry of Defense (MoD) authorized three Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO), to pay grades between the registered ranks and Commissioned Officers. The Junior Commissioned Officers grades are similar to bureaucracy’s pay systems; in addition, Pakistan Army ranks still follow the former Viceroy of India’s commissioned pay grades.

Pakistan Armed Forces Personnel

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