A great fighter must be a physically or mentally fit person, such as mentally strong, infinite fortitude, and huge stamina. Forces have almost the same demand for physical fitness tests and medical tests in Pakistan Army, Pak Navy, and Pakistan Air forces departments.

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Physical fitness tests of the Pak army may have different requirements for different army departments but depend on the different elements such as gender and age are almost the same.

Age-relevant physical rules are not relaxed which means that if your age goes up to the limit for physical test requirements then you are not eligible for the Pak army jobs, on the other side, the requirement in Pakistan Army for female candidates is relaxed for the physical test. In Pak Army Physical tests are some conditions that are given below:

  • Running Test: 7 min,30 sec per 1.6 km, and 12km/h per speed.
  • In Two Minutes: Fifteen pushups which are Eight per pushup.
  • Pull-ups(Chin-ups): in 2 minutes in which per forty Seconds.
  • 15 Sit-up: in 2 minutes per sit-up in eight Seconds.

If you want to pass the physical fitness test, you should start regular exercise four months before Pak Army Physical Test.

This section clearly checks the physical fitness test requirements for the commission officers according to the Pakistan Army.

Physical Test Pakistan Airforce

If the candidate applies to Pakistan Airforce jobs then you must clear the both PAF Fitness Test and Medical Test. Here you can get complete the required information for test physical and medical tests for Pakistan Airforce.

Candidates are necessary to qualify following physical tests for Pakistan Airforce.

  1. In 9 Minutes Candidate must be closeable 1.6km run. 
  2. Push-Ups 10  in two Minutes
  3. 10  Sit-Ups in two Minutes
  4. Two Chin-Ups in two Minute
physical fitness test
PAF Physical test requirements

Fitness Physical Test for Pakistan Navy

Candidates are necessary to qualify following physical tests for the Pakistan navy jobs.

  • Running in 8 min= 1.6km
  • 15-20 push-ups
  • 5-10 chain-up
  • 15-20 sit-up
  • Seven by Seven ditch cross

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